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Cricketer's Arms Pub and Eatery is the best Authentic English Pub in Orlando. It's an excellent stop after a day out and will improve any day. This great pub offers seventeen tap beers, and four ales. They also have a modest selection of wines for your choosing.

The food selection is also top choice. Starters, salads, sandwiches, sides, steak, sweets, and so on. Some of the main dishes are worth the cost. The Fish and Chips, Cottage Pie, and Steak and Stout Pie, are excellent. You can also have a bottle of wine, of Copperidge, Chardonnay, Merlot, Beringer, and more, along with your meal.

But you have other senses that can be pleasured while your mouth is occupied. Cricketer's Arms has a stage for some of Orlando's best performers. Every night, from noon to 2 am, the pub plays the latest European sports matches, turns up the sound for great performers, and serves superb beer and food to patrons. You should be one of them.

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