The Palm, located on Universal Boulevard in the Hard Rock Hotel, is the Classic American Steakhouse. Being the focus dish, you can already understand how much effort is put into making every USDA prime steak perfect for the customer. Don't sideline their pasta or seafood just because they are a steakhouse. They have a nice variety to tease you with. Altantic Salmon Fillet, Swordfish Steak, Halibut Fillet, Broiled Crab Cakes with mago salsa, Shrimp Saute and Alaskan King Crab Legs smothered in butter are just the seafood option. As for pasta, get warm and satisfied with plates of Veal or Chicekn Scallopine, Veal Martini, Pork Chop Malfata, or Tuscan Broiled Split Chicken. Each pasta is complimented with small additions and garnishes like lemon, shallots, sundried tomatos, piccata, and more.  

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