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Sleuths Mystery Dinner

You've been invited to Mr. Gerald Keenan's 80th birthday.  GK has told everyone that It's imminent that he make changes to his will but someone has other plans... Suddenly, there is  a scream, GK has been murdered,  but who was with GK last? Was it his gorgeous nurse Faber, or one of his relatives?

If your looking for a family fun dinner show, Sleuths is definitely the place. It has been around for more than 20 years and has solidified itself as a veteran attraction in the Orlando area. Sleuths gives a different show every night, each one full of mystery and comedy. The shows include Lord Mansfield's Fox Hunt Banquet, Kim & Scott Tie The Knot, Squires Inn, G.K's 80th Birthday, Roast 'em & Toast 'em, The Premiere, The Show Must Go On, The Family Tree, and Celestial Manor . With a total of eleven shows, both residents and tourists get a different experience each time they come back.

Since 1980, Sleuths has been providing an exciting and intellectually-stimulating form of entertainment In Orlando, Florida. An evening at Sleuths begins with you being treated as a guest at a celebration such as a wedding or class reunion depending on which of the 9 plays you attend. Over hors d'oeuvres, salad, and drinks you will begin to get acquainted with the characters of the show and will learn more about their situation during the 30-45 minute play at the end of which, of course, one of them dies!

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Come help us solve the mystery of sleuths by gathering clues, hints and information. With many show topics available it's easy to find the show that you want to see. Be sure to come up with some good question because after dinner we bring all the characters back on the stage and allow you to interrogate them for more information.

Mystery is the theme of the show and with all you can eat food and drink it is just the perfect for mystery solvers. Located in Orlando, Florida the show presents realistic entertainment and mystery for the audience.

Each of the mystery shows features audience participation, delicious dinner and dessert, unlimited beer, wine, soda, award winning actors, and more. They also offer a delicious menu which includes garden salad, honey glazed Cornish hen lasagna, steamed vegetables and mystery desserts.

The shows last about two and a half hours of audience participation and mystery. Watch for anything that might look suspicious to you, talk to the suspects see what they know what information you can get out of them and most of all, help us solve the crime. No where else can you play Sherlock Holmes while enjoying a delicious buffet dinner at the same time!

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