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Pirates Dinner Adventure

Imagine a place where two worlds collide.  Both the real world and a magical world of adventure with Pirates.  Reality starts fading into the surreal until you find yourself in their world, a world of Sabastian the Black and his renegades who stop and nothing to loot,  and pillage the local villagers.

Experience the most explosive dinner show in Orlando! The Pirates Dinner Show's  featured packed including a pre show, boasting an appetizer buffet. After the feast, enjoy the "Buccaneer Bash" where you can meet your favorite characters to dance and party the night away!

The Pirates Dinner show tells the story of how a young and handsome pirate falls in love with a lovely princess. He must help her escape the clutches the evil captain. Audience participation is vital as guests help capture opponents and evil pirates.

Along with being one of highest recommended dinner shows in the area, Pirates also hits the deepest levels of audience interaction. Be sure to bring your camera because your child may become part of this unique extravaganza! Mingle with the crew before and after the main show during the pre-show buffet and the after party. Dancing and partying abound upon completion of the show.

You're invited to join us on an adventure of becoming a pirate and saving the princess from becoming a prisoner. The Pirate's Dinner Adventure is a unique interactive dinner show that have the crowd participant in the show. The pirates fight, sing and dance to make sure that the guest are having fun and being entertain. Watch as the princess dance while she's been suspended into the air by a rope and perform twists, turns and upside down flips. They also have delicious food choices to choose from, beverages and snacks.

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They have the orange team, blue team, yellow team, green team, red team and purple team. The show have kids out of the audience to go backstage and dress up like pirate and help rescue the princess from the evil captain. It's an adventure show that is romantic, funny, dangerous and just very fun.

To see that kid's come out of the show with a big smile on their face is just what the show is all about, keeping the kids happy is what makes the show exciting and that's the whole part of the adventure.



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