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Medieval Times

Astride Adnalusian horseback against the backdrop of  medieval pageantry, Medieval Times quickly became a success in 1973 on  the Spanish Island of Majorca amidst an environment fiercley proud of its heritage.

Since then, Medieval Times has become the most exciting dinner show in Central Florida. It takes you back to the 11th century where King Alfonso, has brought the strongest and bravest knights of all the land, to a have an exhilarating competition. It consists of sword fighting, jousting, and horseback javelin throwing.

While all this action is taking place, you are served a dinner of your choice of, garlic bread, vegetable soup, roasted chicken, spare rib, herb-basted potato, and pastry. With great service and a great show Medieval Times is an excellent dinner show.

The battle has just began and is on it's way, where two sides go head to head in a battle. It's based on battle and war in the 1800s. Competition gets heated as six brave knights of the Realm battle in a tournament for the lead in the flag toss, ring pierce and javelin thrown games of skill designed to hone a knight's abilities in battle.

In a shower of sparks, the hitting of metal against metal and the deadly and dangerous glint of whirling bola. All contenders eventually fall until only one brave knight is left standing to claim the brave title of new champion. But the deadly treachery in the king's trusted inner circle must first be quelled. All the knight's are returned to the arena for a final rousing salute to the crowd of lots of noble guests.

While your food is being served to you, the almighty legend of the kingdom threatened by treachery but strengthened by the courage that unfolds in the Grand Ceremonial Arena.

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The meal begins with savory garlic bread and a steaming hot vegetable soup ladled into pewter bowls. Then dig into a roasted chicken, spare rib, a seasoned potato and pastry of the castle. Two rounds of beverages that are included with your food, when you're eating there's no silverware to eat with, you eat with your hands but there plenty of extra napkins just incase you might need to wipe your hands.

Medieval Times also has educational programs to teach the children about the history of the show and where it originated from. It teaches them about the 11th century and about King Alfonzo.

Horses are a very important part of the show. Revered as the purebred Spanish horse, Andalusians were the preferred mount for royalty and knights since the eleventh century. It has been known that horses were valued for their glorious physique, even temperament, performance in battle and their performance to carry the great weight of a knight in full armor into battle. The horses are bred and trained professionally to be use in the eight medieval times dinner show events located throughout the United States area and Canada. The castles and ranch features more than 300 magnificent Andalusians.

experience the magic of the knight

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