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Makahiki Luau

Embark on a world-class tour at SeaWorld host to the Makahiki Luau feast and celebration . Enhance your dining experience in a breathtaking underwater world filled with  beauty and adventure for your entire family.

At the Seafire Inn, as the sun sets, it turns into a Polynesian themed celebration. This is the ideal location for a Makahiki Luau celebration! Shows are provided nightly. Enjoy an island flavorful meal of generous portions while the dancers and actors display ancient customs featuring authentic costumes and dances native to the Pacific Islands. Guests of all ages will enjoy the action packed festivities of Sea World's Makahiki Luau Celebration!

Transport your family to the Pacific Isles for the incredible Makahiki Luau. You’ll see fantastic fire dances and enjoy memorable live music as you savor an indulgent full-course meal at this reservation-only evening event. Who knows? You might even learn to hula!

Customer Review:
I heard of the Makahiki Luau Dinner show from visiting the Sea World park, so me and my family decided to give the show a chance. All we heard was good things about the show from friends and family who have come to the area and let me tell you, they were right. The dancing, the live drumming, and the singing, I have never seen anything like it in my life. There was one skit where the performers were doing amazing things with strings that had fire on the ends of it, as well as spinning sticks around their hands and bodies with their ends burning too! My kids were mesmerized at how talented and entertaining the performers were. The show itself was worth every penny, and the great thing is this attraction also came with a delicious Polynesian meal! This is something I highly recommend for a nightly family activity.

Reed Carter

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Come join us in live entertainment and food at the Polynesian luau filled with ancient dancing of pacific island dancers. Dine with a family style menu with delicious food that includes fried rice, island vegetable medley, Hawaiian chicken and your choice of soft drinks, iced tea, water and coffee. For the kids enjoy a magnificent feast of macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets and hot dogs.

This fun energetic show is for the entire family. It's wild, exciting, crazy and just so much fun. A celebration of Hawaiian music, dances, and cuisine. Spinning rings that are on fire, women doing the hula dance. Makahiki Luau is based on a Hawaiian theme and Hawaiian music which is in sea world Florida and was originated in Hawaiian.


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