Corona Cigar Company

Located on W Sand Lake Road off of I-4 and within 10 minutes of Disney World, the Orange County Convention Center, and Universal Orlando. Also located on TownPark Ave off I-4 Exit 101A. Also note that Forbes Magazine and Smoke Magazine have awarded the Corona Cigar Company the awards, "Best of the Web", and a spot in "Top 5 Internet Cigar Retailer's" respectively.

The Corona Cigar Company specializes in providing quality cigars to a wide range of interested customers. They off everything a cigar connoisseur would want such as lighters, guillotine and bullet cutters, and humidors. They also sell several kinds of cigars ranging from bargain and flavored cigars to premium, and high profile, cigars and accessories. They even provide Sampler Options for budding cigar enthusiasts that aren't quite ready to commit to one brand yet.

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They proudly offer over 100 premium choice cigar brands and to name just a fraction of the available choices: Acid, Avo, Cuban Parejo, Davidoff, Diamond, Don Lino, Don Tomas, Graycliff, Gurkha, Kiskeya, La Aroma de Cuba, La Vieja Habana, Montecristo, Oliveros, Padron, and many more.

  1. Choose a wrapper leaf which indicates your desired cigar strength with the lighter, candela, being the most mild, and the darker, maduro, being the strongest.
  2. A cigar rolled correctly, will have no soft spots and will not be loosely wrapped. However, if a cigar is wrapped to tightly, it will be difficult or almost impossible to draw.
  3. The length of a cigar is measured in inches while the girth is in ring sizes with 1 ring equaling 1/64 of an inch. Larger ring sizes burn slower, cooler, and have a smoother taste.
  4. To cut a cigar properly, cut the cap off the cigar just before the shoulder, where the cigar curves. If you cut the entire cap off, the cigar will unravel.
  5. While lighting a cigar, use a butane lighter or cedar match and rotate slowly. Puff while rotating and occasionally blow on the end to make sure it is completely lit.
  6. A hand-made cigar will typically go out if you are not smoking it, and if yours does, knock off the ash and re-light the cigar.
  7. When storing your cigars, keep them out of direct sunlight and between 65 and 70 degrees at a 70% humidity level. Do not store cigars in the refrigerator.
  8. While learning more about cigars and their respective flavors, be sure to try cigars from several different countries to figure out your desired taste.

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